Synthetic Ice Training Can Raise Your Game To Elite

Products,Synthetic Ice News / March 19, 2014

If your goal is to improve your game synthetic ice can be a key training tool to help you raise your skill level. While there is definitely a place for off ice training, having more ice time can be a great advantage. Many young players are taking advantage of the improved quality and more cost effective synthetic ice solutions and having them installed in their basement or garage for year round access. Imagine being able to put on your skates whenever you wanted to work on your skating, shooting and agility

You can do shooting drills off ice but nothing is quite the same as shooting while on skates. Having your own synthetic ice rink allows you to master the balance required to shoot in full hockey gear. If you ask most NHL snipers they’ll tell you about the endless hours they spent practicing their shot. There is no substitution for practice and hard work.

Synthetic ice can be great for goalie training too. It doesn’t require a lot of ice surface for a goalie to work in side to side net coverage, cutting down angles and techniques like the butterfly.

Synthetic ice is an excellent way for anyone who is serious about their game to maximize their training efforts. Nothing can replace on ice training, why not get access to it 24/7

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