Artificial Ice History

Artificial ice rinks made with synthetic plastics have been around since the early sixties, but over the years many of the early forms of artificial ice had issues making them unreliable and difficult to maintain. Sadly, there are still companies selling artificial ice with these concerns even to this day. There are issues with the use of “butt” or “spline” joints which cause ice panels to separate due to expansion and contraction. This results in open gaps in the skating surface, a major safety concern for skaters. Repairing these problems causes a lot of down time because the areas have to be re-aligned. This is not a simple task especially when you consider the weight of the artificial ice panels, at least the weight of quality panels, as there are some artificial ice products out there that are very light and flimsy.

Artificial Ice History

A public artificial synthetic ice rink

The Birth of Synthetic Ice Solutions

The story of Synthetic Ice Solutions is one of a Canadian hockey loving father who wanted the best for his own child and happened to have great technical expertise in plastics. He knew that artificial ice could be improved and he had the knowledge and hands on expertise to do it. Wayman Harten, President of Synthetic Ice Solutions, has over 30 years of technical experience in the plastics industry and it has been his passion to perfect and refine the development of the ultimate artificial ice rink. The result is a product that is superior to anything else on the market when it comes to design, performance, speed and price. Click on this link to read more about what makes our artificial ice rinks the best.

Synthetic Ice Solutions has become a great success by producing an amazing product that is designed and priced so that the average family can buy synthetic ice. You can put it in the basement or outside, use it for serious training or recreation. Whatever the case, your synthetic ice rink will give you many years of enjoyment.

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