Home Synthetic Ice Rink: The Perfect Christmas Gift!

Picture this. It’s Christmas morning. Your kids are excitedly waiting to go downstairs to see…

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Synthetic Ice Can Be Placed Anywhere; Even In The Middle Of A Field!

Creating a traditional hockey rink is very expensive. It requires a power source, a water…

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Residential Synthetic Ice

Why You Should Install A Synthetic Ice Pad In Your House

Synthetic ice rinks are becoming more popular for home use. You can easily install one…

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Can A Synthetic Ice Rink Stay Outside Year-Round?

When it comes to an outdoor ice rink, traditionally we have been reliant on cold…

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Did You Know That A Synthetic Ice Rink Requires Very Little Maintenance and No Expense Once Installed?

Ice skating is a favourite pastime for many. But an ice rink can be costly…

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5 Businesses That Could Use A Synthetic Ice Rink

Ice skating is a popular recreational activity that people of all ages can enjoy. However,…

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