5 Businesses That Could Use A Synthetic Ice Rink

Ice skating is a popular recreational activity that people of all ages can enjoy. However, recreational ice time can be hard to come by. Also, outdoor skating on a real frozen surface is limited to freezing temperatures. Because a synthetic ice rink doesn’t require refrigeration, electricity or water, it can be set up almost anywhere. Weather isn’t a factor and it can be installed indoors and out. Let’s have a look at 5 businesses that could benefit from an artificial ice rink or pad.

1. Shopping Mall

Shopping malls are a family destination. They could easily attract more people by installing a synthetic ice rink. A rink could easily be installed in any open area of the mall. People could come to the mall to shop and then enjoy some physical activity all in one spot all year long.

2. Party Rental Company
A synthetic ice rink or pad is a great idea for a party rental company. Easy to set up, the pad could be rented out and delivered to customers for kid’s birthday parties, family gatherings and even community events. All that is required is a flat place to install. Guests can enjoy skating for hours. What a unique idea for a kid’s birthday party! Imagine the kids delight by getting to choose to jump in a pool or throw on a pair of skates and skate in the middle of summer!
3. Universities
A synthetic ice rink at a university could have numerous uses. Athletes could use it to practice their skills. Students could gather for fun social events. In the summer, hockey camps could be held on campus.
4. Sporting Goods and Hockey Stores
Increase your revenue by offering a synthetic ice pad for customers to try equipment before purchasing. Customers could try out skates and hockey sticks to see which have the best feel. This would put your sporting goods store above the rest!
5. Hotels 
I’m sure many hotels have empty space just sitting there. Install a synthetic ice rink as an added amenity for guests. Any addition to make your hotel stand out as unique is a worthwhile investment. Parking lots, rooftops or an empty room could be great spots to put a surface. They can be taken apart and reassembled easily so it could even be moved around if need be.
These are just a few examples of businesses that could profit by adding a synthetic ice rink or pad.  If you think your business could incorporate this, don’t hesitate to contact Synthetic Ice Solutions for some advice and a free quote.
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