Why You Should Install A Synthetic Ice Pad In Your House

Synthetic ice rinks are becoming more popular for home use. You can easily install one on any flat surface, indoors or out and in any weather. Synthetic ice surfaces are custom made so you can choose the size you’d like. Ideal places to install are in the garage, basement, driveway, deck, and backyard; pretty much any empty space you have in your home! Here are 5 reasons why you should invest in an artificial ice surface for your child.

1. If you have a couch potato

Tired of seeing your child playing video games on his Xbox or looking at Instagram on their phone Most parents want to see their children being more active. Most kids love to skate. Install a synthetic ice rink and you’ll all be happy! Watch as their physical abilities and skills improve, whether it be recreational skating or practicing figure skating or hockey skills. Let them get the exercise they need! Chances are you will be the most popular house in the neighbourhood.

2. If you have a child obsessed with hockey or skating

It is always best to start kids young in a sport. If yours is showing signs of loving hockey or figure skating, installing a synthetic ice surface in your home will give them every opportunity to excel at their chosen sport. They will most likely want to spend every spare second practicing their skills. You don’t necessarily have to install a big surface. A small pad is big enough to enhance stick handling and shooting or if you have a little figure skater, jumps and spins.

3. If you spend too much time travelling to ice rink

Practice usually involves hours driving your child to and from the rink. Imagine not having to wake up at 5 am in the dead of winter to drive to practice Save your freezing butt and put a synthetic ice rink in your home. Stay warm and toasty in bed while your child practices their skating.

4. If you want to spend more time with your child

Most parents want to spend more time with their kids. Instead of having a stranger coach your kids, incorporate some home ice training and get that time together that you want. 

5. Save money

Over time, your pad or rink will pay for itself. You’ll save money on gas by not driving back and forth to the rink, save on renting ice time and save on hiring private coaches. Make the most of their time and yours. Don’t forget the proverb “Time is money”!
Let your child become a better skater by installing a synthetic ice rink in your home. The hours of exercise, entertainment and enjoyment will be well worth it. 
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