Synthetic Ice Rinks

Synthetic Ice News / May 24, 2016

Synthetic ice consists of polymer materials that can endure a wide range of wear and tear over the years. Not all synthetic ice rinks are made to perfection however. Some require some additional maintenance including added liquids to provide silicone enhancers for continuous slickness to the ice and others begin to buckle and gap, making it hard for skaters to train and exercise on the artificial ice.

When thinking about getting a synthetic ice rink consider the best out on the market. With advanced materials that provide superior stability and the least amount of wear and tear, you will have the ice longer. You will be able to train easier without having to add liquids and you will not have the concern of buckling with a true lock connection that ensures the panels to connect and fit easily together every time you are ready to use the ice. 

Choose artificial ice that requires no more than 15 percent effort than real ice when training or practicing. Make sure that the ice you select requires the minimum amount of maintenance and provides the highest results. It should offer superior fit despite the contraction and expansion that occurs during temperature change. You want to make sure that you can skate easily on synthetic ice rinks without having to put much effort into maintaining the ice.

Wayman Harten is the Owner & President of Synthetic Ice Solutions, Wayman has about 30 years of technical experience in the plastics Industry and is passionate about providing the best artificial ice rinks at very affordable prices. Click on one of the links and read more about synthetic ice or see videos about the product. You can also call us at 855-2-ICE SKATE (855 242-3752) or email us at