1/2″ True Lock Series 2 Synthetic Ice 4′ x 4′

The True Lock Synthetic Ice Series 2 is the mid range thickness and weight of the 3 types of panels we offer with dimensions of 1/2″ x 4′ x 4′ per panel and a weight of approximately 40 lbs per panel. It is suitable for indoor or outdoor use for both home and commercial applications.


Custom Rinks To Fit Your Needs

Most synthetic ice rinks that we provide are built to your custom dimensions. You won’t have any extra edge trim required to finish your surface perimeter! You can contact us after placing your online order to discuss any customization that you might need, we provide it free of charge.

Easy Installation

Our Technology has allowed us to create our True Lock Synthetic Ice panels which can be easily laid out in the matter of a couple of hours, and with our “True lock” series, you are able to move flip or rotate panels anywhere with confidence they will all fit together.

Quality Materials

The material we use is the latest technology in synthetic ice. We are the industry leaders and we design and fabricate each panel in house to ensure superior quality control. Our cutting edge technology has the least amount of friction of any synthetic ice on the market today.


Purchases can be picked up at our factory in Brampton, Ontario, Canada or you can have your order shipped. Shipping costs vary depending on the address of the purchaser and will be collected separately once the order has been placed. We source the most cost effective and reliable shipping options for each order. For details of our shipping policy you can click here.

Proudly Made in Canada

Contact Us

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like to speak with us about your rink requirements.

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