Outdoor Rinks

Synthetic Ice News / March 9, 2016

Climate change has had a significant effect on outdoor rinks in Canada and this is supported by many sources from David Suzuki to studies done by Concordia and McGill Universities. All reports are coming to the same conclusion, there are fewer and fewer days each year with weather that is conducive to skating on outdoor rinks. One study analyzed Canadian weather data from 1951 to 2005 and it concluded that there has been a significant shortening of the outdoor skating season and that it is likely due to global warming.

One of the most iconic outdoor rinks in Canada is the Rideau Canal in Ottawa. The David Suzuki Foundation’s report concluded that the canal’s skating season is expected to drop from a historic average of 9 weeks to an average of 6.5 weeks by 2020.

Geographers at Wilfred Laurier University even launched a website called rinkwatch.org where people around the country are encouraged to go and simply tell them each day if they can skate on their rink today. They hoped to be able to gather enough data to accurately track how quickly changes are happening.

So what alternatives are there for people that still want outdoor rinks Adding refrigeration is an option not open to many. It’s costly to install and isn’t a viable option for a temporary and seasonal backyard rink. The option that many are turning to is synthetic ice. It is simple to set up, costs nothing once the panels are purchased, no refrigeration or water needed. The best part is that it can be used all year round.

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