Ice Rink Construction The Traditional Way

For people reading this in warmer climates that don’t get snow the art of ice rink construction is probably very foreign. In fact they may only be familiar with professional hockey rinks and not be aware that the art of ice rink construction is something that many people take on in there spare time each year. So how difficult is it

The process itself isn’t too complicated. It starts with picking a nice, flat area that is usually rectangular in shape like a hockey rink although that doesn’t have to be the case. Borders need to be built up, often times this is done by trampling down the snow in the area to create a natural border. Placing a tarp down is recommended so if the ice melts the water stays and can freeze again when it gets cold enough. Now you are ready for the water.

To build a quality rink it takes many applications to build up a nice thick sheet of ice. The water needs to be applied in calm conditions, wind and snow can cause the ice to form in uneven fashion leaving a bumpy surface. All in all it is lots of work that can be dashed with the first warm spell.

Today we have a better alternative. Now you can partake in ice rink construction once and in a few hours have a permanent ice rink that feels just like real ice. Think of all the hours that it takes year after year to build an ice rink with no guarantees that the weather will cooperate. Synthetic ice allows you to play ice hockey all year round in any weather conditions.