Ice Hockey Training Part 3

Solutions,Synthetic Ice News / February 14, 2013

The one thing that sometimes makes people and players skeptical about synthetic ice is its durability and probability to injuries. This may have been an issue in the past, but we have perfected our technology to eliminate this problem. Our panels are made of the best material and are designed and constructed to fit into each other seamlessly so as to leave no gaps, cracks or bumps that will be injurious to the skater in any way. This is a major advantage over many competitive products even today that have flawed joint systems that over time can be hazardous.

Our solutions have been trusted and rated highly for their ability to withstand the test of time and providing the best skating experience. So if you are looking for something that will make your ice hockey training really worth the effort, look no further. We have the answer to all your questions. Our ice training rink can be put up on any surface at all. Be it your backyard, driveway, deck or even the basement garage. Any smooth and firm surface can act as the base for laying our icing rinks. And we assure you that they will last more than 7 years in the minimum, saving you a lot of money in the long run. In fact many people get more than twice as many years as that, and at that point you can even flip the sheets over and you’ve got a fresh new surface! It is also easy to install and refit and the cost is surprisingly affordable.

Skating is a sport that depends a lot on the least amount of friction that is present in the surface. This has often been a reason why people avoid skating on synthetic surfaces. In fact, if you ask professionals, many would say that they would rather train on synthetic surfaces than on real ice. It has been proven the best training method for sports like ice hockey and figure skating where the increased resistance has been shown to lead to a considerable increase in the players’ stamina and performance.