Ice Hockey Training Part 2

Solutions,Synthetic Ice News / January 4, 2013

Ice hockey training involves constant practice and dedication to hard work. Many hockey enthusiasts find it hard to hone their skills, as they have no place or time to practice. Our synthetic ice solutions will make sure that you do not have to travel far or readjust your schedule in order to work on your game. Our ice rinks have advanced ultraviolet stabilization and will help you use the rink indoors or outdoors. Moreover, our ice rinks have proven to be the best for the purpose of ice hockey training. It has about 10-15% more resistance as compared to regular ice, which makes it the best for training. It will definitely improve your skills and consistency on ice making you a far better player. You will notice the marked improvement as you step onto the ice for the next game. It will make you faster and more skillful owing to the higher level of exercise that you have received on the synthetic surface. Stay tuned for my next post where I’ll talk about durability and quality of synthetic ice today.