How Much Does A Home Synthetic Ice Rink Cost?

Did you grow up playing hockey on a backyard skating rink Do you want to give that same reality to your child only better Imagine being able to skate at home all year long on your own ice rink!

You may think installing a synthetic ice rink in your home is out of reach. Consider the expense of driving your child to and from the ice rink and the cost of booking ice time. Over the years this adds up. You need to consider this when thinking the initial expense of an artificial rink is too much. It will pay for itself over the years! Once installed a synthetic ice surface does not require any additional expenses such as water and electricity. Not to mention the fact that you won’t have to spend your valuable time sitting in a cold arena.

The cost of a home rink is really up to you. Because an ice rink is custom made, you can make it as big or  small as you’d like. Installing a small ice pad is ideal for practicing skating and stick handling skills. A larger rink is obviously what you’d want if you are looking for full game action or speed skating practice.

When choosing a synthetic ice surface, it is very important that you look for a quality supplier. Trying to save money by purchasing a cheap product will only lead to frustration and lack of use. You want to choose a product that is easy to install, fits together seamlessly and provides a smooth skating surface. Synthetic Ice Solutions provides a state-of-the-art polymer skating surface with less friction than other competitors. This means it is almost the same as skating on real ice! Our ice is durable with superior wear providing a longer life. In fact, our ice will last 20 years (10 years use on each side) and requires no messy lubricants like cheaper versions would.

The beauty of a synthetic ice surface is that it can be installed on any flat surface in your home. Basements, garages, decks and backyards are great places to practice your skills. And because Synthetic Ice Solutions has a “True Lock” connecting system, you can be assured that your ice panels will fit together perfectly even if you want to move it around.

Synthetic Ice Solutions pricing depends on the size and thickness of the panels that you require. For example, you can expect a 12’ X 16’ surface to start at $1344 and a larger 20’ X 28’ rink to start at $3920. (for ¼” panels; pricing in Canadian Dollars) Not a bad investment when you consider you’ll be able to practice and skate any time you want!

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Synthetic Ice Solutions gives you a top-of-the-line skating surface and is your best bet when it comes to performance, speed, design and price. Whether you are looking for a residential or commercial ice pad, we should be your only choice. Give us a call and we will set up a time for you to come try before you buy. For a no obligation quote go to our Contact Page here.

Synthetic Ice Solutions is a leader in synthetic ice development with more than 30 years in the plastics industry. We are passionate about providing the best artificial ice rinks at very affordable prices. Call us at 647-691-2922 or 855-2-ICE SKATE (855 242-3752) or email us at for more information.