Do I Have Room For A Synthetic Ice Rink At My House?

Do you have a little one that can’t get enough hockey Do they play mini sticks at all hours Maybe it’s time to take it a step up and install a synthetic ice rink in your house. 

Having a space in your home where your child can practice their ice skating skills whenever they want will not only keep him or her motivated but save you time driving back and forth to the rink. Every rink is custom manufactured so you can build it to fit any space. You can install a full rink or partial for smaller areas.
Where is the ideal space for you and your needs Here are some common locations that artificial ice surfaces have been installed in homes. 
1. Garage
Turn your garage into a small rink. It is a great space as it is flat and you can open the doors to allow an outdoor feel. Your child will love the easy access to practice their skating including turns, starts and stops, edges, shooting and puck handling skills.
2. Basement
Turn your unfinished basement into a practice facility! Instead of a typical playroom with couch, TV and Xbox, create a space for your child to be active and follow their dream of becoming an NHL star. 
3. Yard 
Prep your area to make a flat surface. Your rink can then be installed and enjoyed in any weather! Your child can train in the blazing summer heat or in the dead of winter. Temperature will not impact the performance of your synthetic ice.
4. Deck
Because the pieces snap together effortlessly, you can have your rink set up during the week and then easily uninstall for that weekend party! 
Having a home synthetic rink also allows you as a parent to interact more with your child. You can improve your skating skills as well! Just make sure you are prepared to be the talk of the town. Your house will be the most popular one in the neighbourhood!

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