Addressing Misleading Synthetic Ice Reviews and Statements

Products,Synthetic Ice News / September 12, 2013

Thank you for your interest in our product, I’d like to offer you a bit of a synthetic ice comparison to address some synthetic ice reviews and statements that have been made in the industry. We truly appreciate the support that we’ve received from people like you, it has helped us grow and become a respected and well known manufacturer and supplier of synthetic ice products for both residential & commercial applications. We have clients across Canada, the US and Europe.

There have been statements and reviews that have inaccurately stated how long our synthetic ice lasts. The fact is that our product has a life span of approx. 10 years per side. Yes! It is a double sided product, it has been designed specifically for our application – ice hockey, and related ice skating applications such as figure skating.

There are companies in the industry that have been writing misleading synthetic ice reviews and making inaccurate statements about our product, in what appears to be an attempt to justify a higher price. Some ice companies in the market place sell their product for up to as much as $25.00 per sq. ft, and they warn potential buyers to beware of the lower priced competitors, as they must be selling a lower grade of ice. Well I’m here to tell you, beware of the larger companies who are overcharging for their product, and have been for many years! It’s amazing how when you give them a quote from a competitor, they will, and do drop their prices by up to as much as 50% ( just this one time though ) to gain your business. Why don’t they just offer lower prices in the first place Because they are trying to condition the ice buyer into believing higher prices = a better product, and secondly of course they don’t want to!

Having been in the plastics industry now for 30 years (and counting), I can tell you this is not the way it is, I have worked hands on with these and many other plastics products over the years, we have also worked closely with the manufactures of the raw sheet stock, to come up with our customized formulation for our synthetic ice, and I remain confident that we make, offer and sell the best product available today. When a client comes in to try our ice and ask questions related to the maintenance & installation, they are truly amazed at the fluidity of the product, and how we have simplified the process for which they can install a surface “in a day” in their basements. Without exception, every client who is truly ready to buy that comes to try our synthetic ice has walked away with the decision to buy our ice. They are always so pleased with the product and of course excited to have saved money, who doesn’t in today’s economy! Bring us your quotes, I personally guarantee the best price on our product!

Daily I have clients who ask if we have customer satisfaction guarantee on our ice The answer is YES, we warranty our product 100 % and do stand behind it, we will work to resolve any issues a client may have with the surface. We are proud to say, we have never had an issue or dissatisfied client yet with any of the products we have to offer! That is because we do it right, from the beginning, leaving no room for error, after all, our business’s reputation depends on it!

Lastly, sorry, but due to our overwhelming success with our attention to detail in areas of customer service & product quality, we are pleased to say we do not carry any previously used or returned surfaces!

Thank you for taking the time to read my message, and we look forward to becoming your Official Synthetic Ice Supplier today! Remember…..

” When your ready to train, We’ve got your Ice! “


Wayman Harten