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Testimonial from NHL Player Karl Stewart

I have been playing professional hockey for the past 12 years now, my career has spanned the NHL, AHL, also having played for Team Canada, and I now play in Europe. One thing that I have noticed through out is that the most successful hockey players at any level are continuously looking for better ways to train as to better their game. Having tried other forms of Synthetic Ice, I found that the Synthetic Ice that Wayman and his team manufacture is by far the most hockey specific training tool I have ever used. I still value my cardio, plyometric and weight workouts, but by adding the synthetic ice to my basement now allows me to work on more hockey specific tools such as stickhandling, shooting and I also find it increasing the power in my leg muscles to ensure quicker bursts for my starts and stops while skating.

What I enjoyed most though was as a professional hockey player, was to have the opportunity of dealing with professional people like Wayman and his team, it is very refreshing in todays market place of Cold Big Box Stores and impersonal Websites, I was able to come to their Production Facility, see hows it made, ask all of my questions, and even try the surface out before buying, it truly was a very pleasant and informative experience! I now know Synthetic Ice Solutions of Canada takes the same pride in their product as I have for my game, not just in the quality of their Synthetic Ice product they produce alone, but to their knowledgeable, Friendly & Personal attitudes and excellent customer service as well. Great Job Guys!

So wither for practicing on or developing your core hockey skills from shooting to skating, this product is also even versatile enough even for figure skating to recreational skating, this is an excellent product! I recommend you give Synthetic Ice Solutions of Canada a call today! You wont be disappointed!

Other Testimonials

I have 3 boys and we all love playing pond hockey but conditions weren’t always optimal. I searched for 6 months looking for synthetic ice. Prices and product were all over the map. Everyone claimed to have the best product. But I can safely say we found the right spot in Synthetic Ice Solutions of Canada Inc. There pricing far exceeded the competition. Their product IS as good as it gets. You can skate, stop, and play just like on real ice. Of course, you have to work harder though as with all Synthetic Ice, It can be exhausting, especially for me, as I’m over 40. Our ice is outside so maintenance is necessary, get a wet vac and keep it clean. Use ice enhancer wax, it really helps with glide. When you see everyone getting tired and sluggish just play some 2 on 2 with subs. That’ll get the game moving again. Thanks to our Official Ice Suppliers @ Synthetic Ice Solutions of Canada!

Brian Van Brenk & Family

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As a former client of Synthetic Ice Solutions of Canada, our first purchase was in back in Dec. 2011 as a family Christmas Gift, when it arrived, we found it was it was a simple process to unpack and then assemble as Wayman said it would be, and we were up and skating in no time, we have had no issues with our product and highly recommend to all of our family and friends when ever they come over to skate. Now we have transferred the surface from our unfinished basement out to our back yard, and since we have more space, we have since re-ordered and doubled our original surface size.

As advertised, it is a great product, at a great price. We can’t say enough about Wayman and his Customer Service team as they made the whole re-ordering process easy and simple as they kept our original surface file on back up, this is why we came back, and to this day recommend them everyone.

Thanks to the Team @ Synthetic Ice Solutions of Canada!

P.Norris & Family of Calgary

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Hi Wayman,

Thank you once again for the excellent service!

I had researched artificial ice companies for over 2 years, wanting to get the best deal with the best quality possible. I located the Synthetic Ice Solutions’s website and contacted Wayman. After changing the amount of product I wanted to purchase several times, Wayman and Victor really delivered. They were both very professional and their customer service is beyond words. It was a Christmas gift for my children and they were ecstatic when they walked downstairs to see a skating rink in the basement. Thank you so much Wayman and Victor. I only wish every purchasing experience could be duplicated like the one I had with you and your Team.

Troy St. Germain
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We have had our Synthetic Ice surface in our back yard for 2 years now, it’s been an excellent training tool for my kids who love the game of hockey, It has also been a great experience as a Parent watching them develop their skills while in the comfort of our own back yard.

We recently had an issue with a 8 of the panels, which was due to improper installation by our contractors. Wayman came over to assess the damage. Even though it was not his issue from a warranty stand point, he stood behind his product and helped us fix the issue!

His customer service is above and beyond compare and for this I have recommended and continue to recommend his product to all of our Family and Friends.

Thanks Wayman, our kids are back skating again thanks to you & Synthetic Ice Solutions of Canada.

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As a “hockey family” we were looking for an ice solution to build a mini rink in our garage. We needed an affordable, durable product that could handle extreme use by our entire family. After weeks and weeks of research on which product to buy, Synthetic Ice Solutions proved to be the best fit for our needs. The website was extremely helpful and the customer service received was by far best in class, Wayman (company owner) patiently answered all of our questions to assure we had all the information needed to make an informed choice on which product to buy. We received our panels timely and built a 16×16 ice rink in our garage. Installation was easy and we were skating within a couple of hours. The quality of the material definitely lived up to our expectations and our boys (and their dad) are loving the ability to skate everyday. We get many inquiries from neighbors and friends about the product and are highly recommending Synthetic Ice Solutions to all! This is a Excellent product with a Great company standing behind it!!

Paul & Jennifer
Arkansas, USA