Portable Ice Rink

Having your own portable ice rink that you can easily set up in the basement, garage or yard is something that most people have never even considered possible, but believe it or not it’s now a reality. Cutting edge synthetic ice technology has made the dream of having your very own portable ice rink a reality. And with our top quality synthetic ice is easy to install and you can set up your portable ice rink wherever you want, whenever you want.

Having a portable ice rink gives you the chance to work on your game 24/7 giving you the competitive edge. Or maybe you just want to have a reliable rink for a regular game of hockey with your friends. Now you don’t have to worry about the temperature outside, our portable ice rinks can be used in cold or warm temperatures alike. Check out this short video of one of our rinks in an outdoor setting.

Its also much more effective to practice shooting, stick-handling and other hockey skills while you are on skates rather than in running shoes. Practicing these skills on ice instead of dry land is much more realistic and transferable to when you actually play.

Our synthetic ice typically lasts for about ten years of wear and tear, and after that if you want to go for another ten years you can simply flip it over. Unlike some products out there, our ice sheets are solid all the way through. Our thick ice is a solid thick through and through which means that both sides are equally good to skate on.

A portable ice rink is actually a good investment when you add up all of the costs associated with renting public ice, the time and effort of travelling to use it, not to mention the limited access. Once installed you don’t have to worry about any ongoing costs for water or power, and its always ready when you are. If you are looking for a competitive edge, or just want to have your own portable ice rink so you can skate whenever and wherever you like then give us a call. You can also come to our facility for a skate to test it out for yourself, were located in Brampton Ontario just minutes from the Toronto Airport.


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