Outdoor Synthetic Ice Rinks

When it comes to an outdoor ice rink, traditionally we have been reliant on cold weather. With global warming, the number of cold days is diminishing, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain a good skating surface.

Synthetic ice rinks are becoming more popular because they do not rely on the weather. Synthetic Ice Solutions of Canada has been providing ice rinks for decades. Ultraviolet stabilization has made it possible to use these surfaces either indoors or out and in any type of weather. Whether you live in a tropical climate or in the snow belt, an outdoor rink can be yours!

Synthetic Ice Solutions superior product has a “True Lock” system that doesn’t suffer from contraction and expansion. This ensures that your panels will always fit together perfectly. One of the great benefits of a plastic ice surface is that it does not require electricity or water. This means a rink can be placed out in the middle of a park or field. The surface is easy to care for. A little sweeping or mopping is all that is required. A tarp is suggested to protect the surface from dust, dirt, bird droppings, tree sap, leaves or a light dusting of snow. Obviously with a heavy snowfall, a shovel may be needed.

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With the traditional ice, warm weather can turn your rink into a slushy mess. There is no need to worry about fluctuating temperatures when installing a synthetic outdoor rink. Figure skaters, hockey players and recreational skaters will all enjoy year-round skating. Imagine skating in shorts and a t-shirt and not being restricted by heavy winter clothing! What kid wouldn’t love to go to a summer outdoor hockey camp!

Synthetic Ice Solutions’ surface does require 10-15% more effort to skate on than a frozen rink, but this will help improve one’s skills quicker. Their panels are strong and durable. Each side can be used for 10 years providing decades of use. Whether you are a home owner, a municipality, or a business looking to install an artificial ice rink that can be used in any temperature, contact Synthetic Ice Solutions for your free quote.

Synthetic Ice Solutions is a leader in synthetic ice development with more than 30 years in the plastics industry. We are passionate about providing the best artificial ice rinks at very affordable prices. Call us at (905) 453-0314 or (855) 2-ICE SKATE (855 242-3752) or email us at sales@syntheticicesolutions.com for more information.