We Are Excited To Announce…

After much detailed research and collaboration with the client on the area to be covered, Synthetic ice Solutions of Canada Inc. has designed created & machined what we now claim as the World’s Largest Residential Synthetic Ice surface of all time!

A project of this magnitude involves careful design & significant machine time, a process we finished in less than 30 days to deliver the surface to our client in Nashville TN in record time. It was shipped from our 7,000 sf machining facility in Brampton Ontario Canada on Friday July 17/2020 and arrived for the client at his destination in Nashville, TN Monday July 20/2020 @ 8:00. We are talking about 11 skids and 17,000 lbs of surface travelling from Brampton to Nashville TN, and of course with 100 of Synthetic Ice Solutions Inc. free markless pucks to shoot wherever they want! Much to our Clients surprise as we were ahead of schedule on the overall delivery of his new System complete with authentic Arena panels!

After this surface is completely set up it will measure 55′.8” wide x 110.8” long, a whopping 6,182.5 square ft area! The client has a tennis court area that was not being utilized to it’s full potential, and decided to take his game to the next level. After doing his due diligence and completing all the grueling research there is to do on Synthetic Ice, one name kept rising to the to the top, Synthetic Ice Solutions of Canada Inc, a family owned and operated business owned by Wayman Harten and is run with his son Victor. Wayman has been in the plastics industry alone for almost 37 years, talk about buying with confidence!

Synthetic Ice Solutions of Canada also announced earlier in the year that they had been awarded a contract with his Distributor in Beijing & Northern China to fulfill the requirement for schools & training facilities there. They have already exported approx. 20,000 SF + of their unique brand of Synthetic Ice to China for installation.

Stay tuned for more details and photos of the project as we take you from beginning to end with the installation, and perhaps a few surprises along the way!