An Investment In Synthetic Ice Is One Worth Making

Wouldn’t it be nice to have your own ice rink in your backyard without having to worry about going to an ice rink to train or practice With a synthetic ice it’s an investment worth making as you can continue to use it throughout the year no matter how hot or cold it is outside. You can place it in the backyard, in your garage, or in the basement. With a quality synthetic ice rink you’ll feel like you are skating on real ice with no worries about seams or separation.

Be sure to choose the right type of synthetic ice and keep in mind that some require adding enhancers to allow them to have the glide to feel closer to real ice but there are products out there that don’t require any at all. The True Lock Synthetic Ice System is an example of a product that requires no additives and performs very well. When you skate on it you exert only about 15% more energy than on real ice making it a great training surface.

You can have the ice custom made from a standard size of 4 by 4 foot panels or reduce the seams between the panels with 4 by 8 foot panels. Select a synthetic ice that doesn’t buckle or gap at any given time. What causes it is a change in temperature as the ice can expand and contract. Avoid any ice that tends to buckle under changes for a longer lasting ice rink that is worth investing your money into. This type of ice will allow you to spend more time training to play hockey or to exercise rather than worrying about the wear and tear of the ice. The best type of synthetic ice will provide a superior fit and last for years and years.

Wayman Harten is the Owner & President of Synthetic Ice Solutions, Wayman has about 30 years of technical experience in the plastics Industry and is passionate about providing the best artificial ice rinks at very affordable prices. Click on one of the links and read more about synthetic ice or see videos about the product. You can also call us at 855-2-ICE SKATE (855 242-3752) or email us at