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A Plastic Ice Rink In Your Backyard All Year Round

Wayman Harten - Wednesday, November 13, 2013
The video below is a great example of how you can have a plastic ice rink in your backyard all year round with synthetic ice. Many people don't know about synthetic ice but it's a plastic ice that you can skate on just like real ice using the same equipment. It's been around for many years and the product produced by Synthetic Ice Solutions today is the best that's ever been available.

How great would it be to have unlimited access to a hockey rink 365 days a year? Great for recreation or for the serious athlete that needs to train. As a training surface, skating on this type of plastic ice will make you a stronger skater too. It requires about 10-15% more effort than perfect arena ice so when you return to your traditional ice you'll be that much faster and more powerful.

The video below is a great example of a private outdoor rink that is enjoyed year round.

Synthetic Ice Solutions is a Canadian company with more than 30 years in the plastics industry that provides top quality synthetic ice rinks at extremely competitive prices. They are simple to assemble and will provide for up to 20 years of service, and the best part is that it does not require any electricity or water. You don't have to be at the mercy of the weather to build an outdoor rink for only a small fraction of the year.

For more information or a custom quote on getting a synthetic ice rink in your basement call us at 855-2 ICE SKATE (855-242-3752) and we'd be happy to answer your questions and provide a quote.

Synthetic Ice Rink In Your Basement

Wayman Harten - Monday, October 21, 2013
You can have a synthetic ice rink in your basement giving you 24/7 unlimited access to practice and train for hockey, figure skating or just recreation. Our synthetic ice rinks do not require electricity or water, it is a plastic that closely simulates skating on real ice.

Check out the short video below to see for yourself!

A synthetic ice rink in your basement, garage or out on your deck is great for recreational home use, it gives kids something active to do rather than watching TV or playing video games. It can also give your kids the advantage of being able to work on their game whenever they want, not just when they have a scheduled team practice or game. Synthetic Ice Solutions will custom manufacture your rink to fit any size area. We can even provide arena panels with authentic striping to go around your rink to protect your walls.

Synthetic Ice Solutions is a Canadian company with more than 30 years in the plastics industry that provides top quality synthetic ice rinks at extremely competitive prices. They are simple to assemble and will provide for up to 20 years of service, and the best part is that it does not require any electricity or water. You don't have to be at the mercy of the weather to build an outdoor rink for only a small fraction of the year.

For more information or a custom quote on getting a synthetic ice rink in your basement call us at 855-2 ICE SKATE (855-242-3752) and we'd be happy to answer your questions and provide a quote.

Addressing Misleading Synthetic Ice Reviews and Statements

Wayman Harten - Thursday, September 12, 2013
Thank you for your interest in our product, I’d like to offer you a bit of a synthetic ice comparison to address some synthetic ice reviews and statements that have been made in the industry. We truly appreciate the support that we’ve received from people like you, it has helped us grow and become a respected and well known manufacturer and supplier of synthetic ice products for both residential & commercial applications. We have clients across Canada, the US and Europe.

There have been statements and reviews that have inaccurately stated how long our synthetic ice lasts. The fact is that our product has a life span of approx. 10 years per side. Yes! It is a double sided product, it has been designed specifically for our application - ice hockey, and related ice skating applications such as figure skating.

There are companies in the industry that have been writing misleading synthetic ice reviews and making inaccurate statements about our product, in what appears to be an attempt to justify a higher price. Some ice companies in the market place sell their product for up to as much as $25.00 per sq. ft, and they warn potential buyers to beware of the lower priced competitors, as they must be selling a lower grade of ice. Well I'm here to tell you, beware of the larger companies who are overcharging for their product, and have been for many years! It's amazing how when you give them a quote from a competitor, they will, and do drop their prices by up to as much as 50% ( just this one time though ) to gain your business. Why don't they just offer lower prices in the first place? Because they are trying to condition the ice buyer into believing higher prices = a better product, and secondly of course they don't want to!

Having been in the plastics industry now for 30 years (and counting), I can tell you this is not the way it is, I have worked hands on with these and many other plastics products over the years, we have also worked closely with the manufactures of the raw sheet stock, to come up with our customized formulation for our synthetic ice, and I remain confident that we make, offer and sell the best product available today. When a client comes in to try our ice and ask questions related to the maintenance & installation, they are truly amazed at the fluidity of the product, and how we have simplified the process for which they can install a surface "in a day" in their basements. Without exception, every client who is truly ready to buy that comes to try our synthetic ice has walked away with the decision to buy our ice. They are always so pleased with the product and of course excited to have saved money, who doesn't in today’s economy! Bring us your quotes, I personally guarantee the best price on our product!

Daily I have clients who ask if we have customer satisfaction guarantee on our ice The answer is YES, we warranty our product 100 % and do stand behind it, we will work to resolve any issues a client may have with the surface. We are proud to say, we have never had an issue or dissatisfied client yet with any of the products we have to offer! That is because we do it right, from the beginning, leaving no room for error, after all, our business's reputation depends on it!

Lastly, sorry, but due to our overwhelming success with our attention to detail in areas of customer service & product quality, we are pleased to say we do not carry any previously used or returned surfaces!

Thank you for taking the time to read my message, and we look forward to becoming your Official Synthetic Ice Supplier today! Remember.....

" When your ready to train, We've got your Ice! "


Wayman Harten

City of Taunton Enjoys Their Public Synthetic Ice Rink

Wayman Harten - Thursday, August 29, 2013
The city of Taunton Massachusetts has purchased a synthetic ice rink from Synthetic Ice Solutions that will allow the public to come and skate through the holiday season no matter what the weather. With the seemingly more unpredictable weather as each year passes, installing a synthetic ice surface is a great way to ensure the availability of a usable ice rink no matter what the temperature. They had also considered installing an ice rink with refrigeration but found those costs to be exorbitant.

You can read articles in the Taunton Gazette about it here;

Wayman Harten is the Owner & President of Synthetic Ice Solutions, Wayman has about 30 years of technical experience in the plastics Industry and is passionate about providing the best artificial ice rinks at very affordable prices. Click on one of the links and read more about synthetic ice or see videos about the product. You can also call us at 855-2-ICE SKATE (855 242-3752) or email us at

Dryland Hockey Training

Wayman Harten - Thursday, August 15, 2013
As hockey players get more and more competitive the trend towards dryland hockey training to suppliment regular practices and games has increased. I think back to the famous Canada vs. Russia series of 1972 and remember how the Canadian team was in far worse shape than their Russian counterparts who used extensive dryland hockey training and arrived in Montreal in far superior condition. Back then NHL players would take the summer off and then use training camp to try to get back into shape.

That has all changed, most serious hockey players both professional and amateur have an off season regiment to maintain conditioning and improve skills. Depending on where you live you may have access to hockey rinks all year round, but even if you do their may be limited availability and of course the cost for ice time. Hockey training on dry land allows you to control your own schedule and regiment and can build on some types of skills such as strength and flexibility. Ultimately though you are limited with dryland training on development of hockey specific skills.

The development of affordable synthetic ice has changed that. Now you can supplement your dryland hockey training with on ice work without being limited by the schedules and availabilities of public rink facilities. Skills like skating, stickhandling and shooting are difficult to accurately simulate without being on skates. Synthetic ice allows you to work on the exact same movements and muscle groups as real ice. It has revolutionized the meaning of dryland hockey training.

Ice Rink Construction - The Synthetic Ice Solution

Wayman Harten - Tuesday, July 16, 2013
The 21st century way of ice rink construction is so much easier than the traditional way. It's a one time project that takes little time at all and you'll have a beautiful ice rink for many, many years. When synthetic ice first became available it was a good product but there were issues that cropped up over time such as problems with joints that connected the sheets. Today the technology has been perfected and a synthetic ice pad will typically last 15 - 20 years without issues.

A common question is what is it like to skate on synthetic ice versus natural ice. The answer is that they are very similar but synthetic ice makes you work a little bit harder by about 10%. This can be beneficial if your goal is to improve your skating as you'll be gliding with ease when you get back to natural ice. The great thing is a synthetic ice pad is there for you to skate on 365 days a year, not just for a couple months in the winter like a backyard rink or limited hours available at a public rink. Don't suffer through the task of ice rink construction year after year, experience synthetic ice solutions today.

Ice Rink Construction The Traditional Way

Wayman Harten - Friday, June 21, 2013
For people reading this in warmer climates that don't get snow the art of ice rink construction is probably very foreign. In fact they may only be familiar with professional hockey rinks and not be aware that the art of ice rink construction is something that many people take on in there spare time each year. So how difficult is it?

The process itself isn't too complicated. It starts with picking a nice, flat area that is usually rectangular in shape like a hockey rink although that doesn't have to be the case. Borders need to be built up, often times this is done by trampling down the snow in the area to create a natural border. Placing a tarp down is recommended so if the ice melts the water stays and can freeze again when it gets cold enough. Now you are ready for the water.

To build a quality rink it takes many applications to build up a nice thick sheet of ice. The water needs to be applied in calm conditions, wind and snow can cause the ice to form in uneven fashion leaving a bumpy surface. All in all it is lots of work that can be dashed with the first warm spell.

Today we have a better alternative. Now you can partake in ice rink construction once and in a few hours have a permanent ice rink that feels just like real ice. Think of all the hours that it takes year after year to build an ice rink with no guarantees that the weather will cooperate. Synthetic ice allows you to play ice hockey all year round in any weather conditions.

Ice Rink Building - A Dying Tradition

Wayman Harten - Thursday, May 09, 2013
In many parts of Canada ice rink building is an annual tradition taken on by thousands of people. I know that for me growing up in the 70’s I have great memories of skating on our own backyard rink as well as those of my friends. It seems to me that taking on the project of ice rink building is becoming less common as the years go by and I think there are a few key reasons why.

Generally speaking people are too busy for ice rink building now. It’s a sign of the times that people are working more and have less free time. More complicated family dynamics can also play a part as the traditional family unit isn’t as common as it was 30 years ago. Typically the mother gets primary custody in divorce settlements, but dads are the ones usually in charge of ice rink building. Is it worth the time and effort if you only have the kids every second weekend?

Now I admit that I haven’t done the research to back this up but would anyone argue that weather today is less predictable than it used to be? With global warming and other environmental issues it seems to me that it is harder than ever to have the right conditions to keep an outdoor ice rink than in the past. Of course this depends on where you are located, but I know that in southern Ontario that’s my perception. Ice rink building is a commitment of quite a bit of time and the last thing you want is to invest that time and then a week later the temperature goes way above freezing and it’s melted.

It seems to me that ice rink building is a bit of a dying tradition and to me it’s not only a bit sad, but I think it’s making it harder for Canadian hockey to stay on top.

Ice Hockey Training Part 4

Wayman Harten - Thursday, April 11, 2013
We have been in the business of redefining the skating experience for a very long time and have now reached the top in this industry. We take pride in our ability to create the finest and best in synthetic surfaces for our customers to use. Our synthetic surfaces are of the highest quality and value, and are the best solutions for outdoor and indoor rinks and training surfaces. Our ice rinks do not require the presence of water or electricity and can be laid down to immediately play. These rinks are easy to lay and simulate the real hockey arena at a fraction of the total cost. If you are an ice hockey enthusiast you will find these hard to resist.

Synthetic ice solutions are not just great for ice hockey training, but are also fun for kids. They can learn to skate and will find this surface very safe and stable to increase their skill levels as they grow up. These synthetic ice rinks are a great hit with households that have an inbuilt love for the sport of skating. It is a family thing! Other than these we also specialize in the manufacturing of other ice hockey training accessories that will aid you in your exercises. You can rest assured that with our help, you can become the Most Valuable Player of your team.

Ice Rink Building - Key to Skills Development

Wayman Harten - Tuesday, March 26, 2013
In my recent post I talked about how ice rink building is a dying tradition, in this post I want to talk about what the impact of this is.

In my view there are more organized sports today than in the past, more leagues, more of parents driving their kids to practice and games in all sorts of sports than before. This leaves less time for parents to be home to build an ice hockey rink because they’re out every night driving the kids to all of their organized events. A few years ago there was a crisis in Canadian hockey because we weren’t winning gold medals at an acceptable rate and one of the concerns was that kids aren’t just playing around enough at early ages. In a typical league game the average kid may handle the puck for a total of 1 minute the whole game. If you put a handful of kids on a backyard rink they can stick handle and shoot for hours. Many are saying that in general European players have more imagination because they spend less time playing organized hockey at the youngest ages and more time building their skills and having fun.

How many times have you heard an NHL player talk about growing up and playing on a pond or in a backyard until his mother had to call him in from the dark for supper? If your kids love to play then a backyard rink gives them access all the time. Now of course we all know that only a very small percentage of kids will ever become professional players. A big benefit of ice rink building is that it gives your children something better than video games to play. In this day and age when child obesity is becoming more and more common providing them with a fun way to actually get some exercise is the best gift you could give your children.