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Rink Accessories

Rink Accessories

We also offer you these fine accessories to complete your ice rink experience.

Puck Shooting Pads

Makes off-ice hockey shooting practice fun.
  • Simulates real on ice puck action.
  • Slippery, smooth yet protects those very expensive hockey sticks from rough surfaces.
  • Great surface for any hockey player to practice and increase his or her stick handling and shooting skills.
  • Maximize your off ice shooting and stick handling practicing, anywhere any time!
  • Easy to carry around and store with our machined in handle slots.
  • In stock and ready to ship

Standard sizes available;
 23-7/8" x 48"  $50.00
 48" x 48"  $95.00
 24" x 71-7/8"  $70.00
 48" x 96"  $175.00

 shooting pad for artificial ice rink

Authentic Arena Boards

Complete with red and yellow striping on top and bottom.
  • Easily mounted on any wall or 2 x 4 frame structure with regular screws.
  • Can be bent into square corner areas to resemble the round corner of a rink.
  • Use it in your garage or basement to protect your drywall.
  • Simulates a real hockey arena board system at a fraction of the cost.  
  • Call us for a quote.




Official Weight "Mark Less Pucks"

  • Designed for use on our Synthetic Ice.
  • Will not mark the surface like regular pucks will.
  • 5 pack regular price $25.00. Sale price $20.00.
  • In stock, can ship in 1-2 business days.

Agility Training Pylons

  • 7" Tall for easy line of sight.
  • Made from durable flexible plastic.
  • Will not crack or break.
  • Can slide easily on our ice.
  • Sold in packs of 4 regular price $22.00. Sale price $18.50.
  • In stock, can ship in 1-2 business days.



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